The 2019 International Marine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition(MTEC)includes five topics, the marine big data and information technology, marine equipment testing and engineering design, marine technological equipment, marine biology, marine science, education and culture and other marine-related technical industries. The competition is divided into three parts:

  1) Global Video-Live Roadshow

  2) Oceantec Valley Accelerated Training Camp

  3) Final Contest

  1) Global Video-Live Roadshow

  The Global Video-Live Roadshow is expected to take place in late November. The roadshow will select 10 cities in six countries(including China) where technology entrepreneurs gather, including San Diego, Toronto, London, Brest,etc. The roadshow round will call the best to compete and is expected to raise more than 100 teams at 10 video live online roadshows. From the “pool” of 100, the 30 top ranked elite teams will attend the Oceantec Valley Accelerated Training Camp.

  2) Oceantec Valley Accelerated Training Camp

  The Oceantec Valley Accelerated Training Camp is an experience you will never forget and will find it valuable for your entire working career. “Camp” is tentatively scheduled for early December,and challenges you and your team through lectures, face-to-face counselling and mentor meetings/visits. Through close communication/ guidance from high-level mentor groups at home and abroad, staff support for each participating team, and on-site observation/evaluation by fund alliance investment managers, the most well-crafted business plans are identified according to the development of Qingdao Oceantec Valley. These teams will meet the “best of the best” in the finals of the 2019 International Marine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition(MTEC).

  3) The Final Contest

  The very competitive finals will be held immediately after the training camp, with first, second and third prizes awarded. If the winning teams settle in Qingdao Oceantec Valley within 6 months of the final contest conclusion, they receive monetary awards from Oceantec Valley authority with the following innovation and entrepreneurship award amounts:

  > One first prize winner with a prize of RMB500,000 .

  > Two second prize winners, each with a bonus of RMB 300,000.

  > Three winners of the third prize, each with a bonus of RMB 100,000.


Send BP to email:

  Email title:

  MTEC+ project name + project topic+contact name + contact number/E-mail Address+Nationality of project leader

  The deadline for registration is November 20th.

  Contact No. :+86 15938870999

  Before preparing for the registration, we suggest some materials that is needed: basic information of your enterprise, introduction of core team, business plan, demands for entrepreneurship services, etc.

  Please notice that: this competition is aimed at enterprises or teams that have not registered in Oceantec Valley yet.

Awards and Policy Support

Finance support:

  >Over 15 billion government background industry fund of funds project docking;

  >Recommendation and guidance from more than 20 venture capital institutions and bank projects

  > Providing financing service, such as intellectual property pledge, investment-credit linkage, a certain amount of loan discount after the project is landed. etc

  Talent Apartments:

  >All qualified winners can stay in the talent apartments and enjoy the rent discount after moving to the Oceanic Valley.

  >All qualified personnel can purchase property-based apartments at a price lower than that of commercial housing in the same region after landing in Blue Valley.

  Space support:  

  > All the winning projects will be settled in the Oceantec Valley incubation base first and enjoy the preferential policy of 3 years’ rent of the site provided by the base (the subsidy area will be determined according to the project situation, with the subsidy proportion of 100%, 80% and 50% in the first three years).

  Operation Supports:

  >Resources docking with National Laboratory of Marine Science and Technology, Deep Sea Base, Shandong University and other universities, scientific research institutes, regional key enterprises.

  >For all project teams settled in Oceantec Valley after the competition, we provide policy consulting services, guiding the declaration of provincial and municipal science and technology projects and certification of all kinds of enterprises.2

  > Providing free archives, professional ranks and titles, settlements and other services, organizing relevant human resources training, recruitment fairs, etc.